In honor of National “Simplify Your Life” Week and the inevitable truth that 2018 is quickly approaching (where does the time go?), I’ve been thinking about the ways I can make my life a little easier.

Granted, sometimes the concept of life being easy isn’t a thing but maybe there are little adjustments I, and even you, could make so our days flow smoothly or, at least, give us satisfaction.

Between smartphones, the news, kids, work, family issues, finances, school or that side hustle you’re trying to get off the ground--our minds and bodies are always on the go…always striving to reclaim the balance of life’s must-happens and personal space.

Have we become a society where the concept of “simple” is inadequate?

Sometimes, I think so… and it’s a weird truth. Maybe we compare ourselves too much with what our peers are doing…our bosses…or the people we follow on social media. Although success (however, you define it) takes hard work, maybe, too often, we over complicate how to get there. Think about it... maybe our perceptions of being the perfect student, the best worker, the ultimate reliable partner, the consistently up-to-par child, the pioneer of financial control—are all over-done; and in the long run, wearing us thin.

With 2017 coming to a close, I encourage you to consider the structure of your life and if anything could have negative, long-term effects. What changes can be made? Below are some suggestions I’ve come up with—they may not fix what's broken but you have to start somewhere… Simple change could have the best results.

1) Stay active – Instead of spending extra time behind a screen, why not mediate, exercise, take a dance class, go for a run, go for a walk or hit the gym (my personal choice)?

2) Allocate time to abandon your phone altogether.

3) Talk to your peers. Go out and make new friends.

4) Make to-do lists.

5) Say no.

6) Clean one room at a time.

7) Make a budget. Set up automatic payments where necessary.

8) Get your clothes ready the night before.

9) Dedicate a hour a week to go through that stack of mail or those emails (YIKES! But wouldn’t you feel so much better if they weren’t there?).

10) Make time for quiet – i.e. reading a book (Here’s a good suggestion, shameless plug!)

11) Write about your ongoing thoughts and obligations. You may feel a lot better afterwards and realize, my life/this situation/this obstacle is not that bad.

12) Attend that event, trip, or party BY YOURSELF. Sure, having people we know with us can be better but if no one is committing, commit to yourself and have a good time.

13) Breathe.

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