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About Melvin A Taylor

Melvin A. Taylor is a writer, CEO and Resilient Warrior who is determined to tell his story while motivating others along the way.

A native of Kingston, Jamaica, Mel is dedicated to a persevering life approach and encourages others to live by an "If they can do it-so can I" attitude. He strives to be an uplifting and unifying voice for anyone who may feel discouraged by adversity. Accustomed to overcoming many battles, Mel finds strength in translating the powerful messages drawn from life's hardships to his ongoing business initiatives.

Mel's books, The Kindred Spirits: River's Return (2011) and The Kindred Spirits: Life After Death (2013) are inspired by his resilient demeanor following a traumatic 9/11 experience and the serial passing of his father and mother--which occurred while concluding his first and second books, respectively. Like Mel, the protagonists face obstacles that conjure up many thought-provoking questions about the meaning of life and one's purpose.

Mel's third book--expected to release in 2018--will reflect his experiences of expanding his record label, 45 Records Entertainment, LLC. Inspired by his son, his love for music, and desire to make a personal-"Taylor"-mark on the entertainment industry, 45 Records Entertainment aspires to provide a formidable platform for undercover talent and serve as an extension of Mel's invincibility.

Learning to master the balance of a full-time job with an entrepreneur lifestyle, Mel remains eager about the options of his future. He hopes his endeavors leave a long-lasting legacy that inspires and breathes life into many.


Melvin A. Taylor earned his B.A. in marketing management from Bernard M. Baruch College and is a father of two.

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Words cannot express how great Melvin A Taylor is to all people. 5 Star Handsdown. You cannot go wrong with anything Melvin A Taylor offers.